18 Best Lorem Ipsum Generators – Funnier alternative

Lorem Ipsum Generators

Lorem ipsum is the most popular dummy placeholder text. But original Loren Ipsum is kinda boring as there is not much variety in it. There are many Lorem ipsum generators in the market, this post will show some of the best, creative and funnier alternative to Lorem ipsum. You can choose any one of the more creative versions of the Lorem ipsum text according to your taste/niche. Let’s get started.

If you want to know great interesting history behind the origin of Lorem Ipsum, click here to read.

Lorem Ipsum Funny alternative

1)Ancient Aliens Ipsum

This dummy text generator is especially for Ancient Aliens lovers. This ancient cum nerdy text contains useless jargons about ancient civilizations, scientific facts. Enter words you want to generate, and then click “Use Ancient Technology”. Anyway, I still wonder were Ancient people really backward in terms of technology than us!!ancient_aliens_ipsum

#Sample text

Ancient alien extraterrestrial electromagnetic Indian texts evidence crystal skull evidence, Indian texts ancient alien theorists NASA Mayan ancient religions, the vedas Puma Punku Annunaki alien electromagnetic von Daniken. Sanskrit stonehenge ancient religions clearly the vedas vortex, electromagnetic burmuta triangle sun disc ancient alien sanskrit, anti-gravity kachina doll Ezekiel ancient religions.

2)Cat Ipsum

Any Cat lovers here? If yes, then Cat Ipsum is for you. Simply enter as many paragraphs you want to generate and click on “Make Muffins” to generate dummy text.cat_ipsum

#Sample text

Cat ipsum dolor sit amet, lick arm hair but cat gets stuck in tree firefighters try to get cat down firefighters get stuck in tree cat eats firefighters’ slippers. Lick butt. Paw at beetle and eat it before it gets away get suspicious of own shadow then go play with toilette paper yet lick the curtain just to be annoying yet sniff catnip and act crazy and snuggles up to shoulders or knees and purrs you to sleep.

3)Windows Error

Windows error could be very annoying sometimes(actually most of the times). Use this Ipsum to generate some non-sense but cool windows error dummy text.windows_error_ipsum

#Sample text

Operation is not allowed on a file system internal file. The segment is already discarded and cannot be locked. The segment is already unlocked. Device does not support file-level TRIM.

4)Corporate Ipsum

Like corporate jargons? Use Corporate Ipsum to generate meaningless corporate phrases.corporate_ipsum

#Sample text

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment.

5)Batman Ipsum

This one is especially for Batman fans. This Batman Ipsum has options of various Batman movies and characters to include in Batman Ipsum.batman_ipsum

#Sample text

I had a vision of a world without Batman. The Mob ground out a little profit and the police tried to shut them down one block at a time. And it was so boring. I’ve had a change of heart. I don’t want Mr. Reese spoiling everything but why should I have all the fun? Let’s give someone else a chance. If Coleman Reese isn’t dead in 60 minutes then I blow up a hospital.

6)Cup Cake Ipsum

Yummy cupcakes! Use this delicious Cupcake Ipsum while designing your website and templates.cupcake_ipsum

#Sample text

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet brownie cotton candy. Cotton candy sweet bonbon donut. Pastry cake sugar plum danish chocolate cake danish. Cake cookie liquorice powder liquorice marzipan sesame snaps I love. Pastry halvah donut lollipop jelly-o. Bonbon biscuit lollipop bonbon cupcake sesame snaps marshmallow gummies. Caramels powder pudding jelly donut sweet roll sugar plum. Cake croissant dessert muffin sesame snaps I love. I love soufflé chupa chups sesame snaps.

7)Zombie Ipsum

This Zombie Ipsum is for those, who believe in crazy and scary zombies. Now sprinkle 50% more brains in your filler content!zombie_ipsum

#Sample text

Zombies reversus ab inferno, nam malum cerebro. De carne animata corpora quaeritis. Summus sit​​, morbo vel maleficia? De Apocalypsi undead dictum mauris. Hi mortuis soulless creaturas, imo monstra adventus vultus comedat cerebella viventium. Qui offenderit rapto, terribilem incessu. The voodoo sacerdos suscitat mortuos comedere carnem. Search for solum oculi eorum defunctis cerebro. Nescio an Undead zombies. Sicut malus movie horror.

8)Veggie Ipsum

Veggie Ipsum is for all vegetarians and vegans. Click on “Grow New text” to get the veggie text.veggie_ipsum

#Sample text

Veggies es bonus vobis, proinde vos postulo essum magis kohlrabi welsh onion daikon amaranth tatsoi tomatillo melon azuki bean garlic.Gumbo beet greens corn soko endive gumbo gourd. Parsley shallot courgette tatsoi pea sprouts fava bean collard greens dandelion okra wakame tomato. Dandelion cucumber earthnut pea peanut soko zucchini.

9)Pirate Ipsum

If the thought of pirate gives you chill, then Pirate Ipsum is for you.pirate_ipsum

#Sample text

Snow hulk furl killick starboard to go on account cutlass barkadeer shrouds main sheet jack hearties Sink me hempen halter driver overhaul holystone warp black spot careen Gold Road Buccaneer pressgang gally pirate line Sea Legs coxswain sutler bilge take a caulk hardtack rutters loaded to the gunwalls topmast pinnace chandler bounty keelhaul code of conduct long boat boom long clothes tender clipper tackle brig come about heave to topsail.

10)IT Crowd Ipsum

If you are a big fan of “The IT Crowd” then this Ipsum generator is for you.It_ipsum

#Sample text

Uh, the button turns it on. I’ve got Aunt Irma visiting. 0118 999! 88199, 9119 725! … 3! I’m closed for maintenance! Dear Sir stroke Madam, I am writing to inform you of a fire which has broken out at the premises of…

11)Dating Ipsum

If you get nervous during a date, then Dating Ipsum may help you.dating_ipsum

#Sample text

Sunday funday I enjoy The Daily Show Murakami. If you think we have something in common my eyes foreign films ask me anything grab coffee or a drink, everything but country music feminism ask me anything if you’re down to actually meet at some point my friends tell me they don’t get why I’m single. Nothing too complicated if you’re down to actually meet at some point if you like my profile recently moved back I know I listed more than 6 things art school.

12)Hodor Ipsum

This one is for lovers of Game of Thrones. Use Hodor Ipsum to generate Hodor hodor….hodor

#Sample text

Hodor! Hodor hodor. Hodor! Hodor hodor. Hodor… Hodor hodor. Hodor… Hodor hodor. Hodor hodor! Hodor, hodor. Hodor. Hodor hodor! Hodor hodor. HODOR HODOR! Hodor… Hodor hodor. Hodor hodor!

13)Baby Ipsum

Who doesn’t like cute little babies? Generate baby sound text using baby ipsum.baby

#Sample text

Gaagaa laalaa laa yaya yaya gaa doodoo. Doo doo yaya goo googoo ga da googoo da. Laa goo gaga da dada. Gaagaa gaa doo ga gaga. Laa gaagaa gaga poppet wawa da gaagaa doodoo da laa.

14)Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

Need some muscular random text. Use Arnold’s quotes to power up Lorem Ipsum.arnold

#Sample text

That’s alright, keep it. Hasta la vista baby. I want my baby. It’s showtime. The first time in my life I am. Blondes. Sure, here’s my invitation. I wanna see you.

15)Doggo Ipsum

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals. Using Doggo Ipsum may help help you in gaining loyalty with your audience.doggo

#Sample text

Doggo ipsum blep snoot vvv smol boof you are doin me a concern boofers, ruff long bois maximum borkdrive most angery pupper I have ever seen. Noodle horse wow very biscit big ol smol boofers, maximum borkdrive puggo. Boofers many pats floofs, heckin good boys and girls. Pupper shibe wow very biscit noodle horse fat boi thicc big ol, woofer very taste wow wow very biscit fat boi. Very taste wow porgo waggy wags pupper fat boi, very good spot clouds.  Much ruin diet shoober borkf puggorino, wrinkler floofs. Very jealous pupper heckin good boys yapper heckin good boys wow such tempt borkf big ol pupper heckin angery woofer, borkf much ruin diet wrinkler pupperino blop heckin angery woofer puppe.

16)Star Wars Ipsum

Get some Yoda’s wisdom into your text. To use that untapped wisdom use Star Wars Ipsum generator.star wars

#Sample text

Lucas ipsum dolor sit amet gamorrean hutt moff aayla fett windu gamorrean dagobah hutt skywalker. Sebulba gonk leia maul grievous fisto chewbacca. Padmé hutt maul hutt binks hoth ewok kamino. Skywalker moff wedge han moff kit alderaan fett. Moff tusken raider skywalker solo grievous binks fisto kit windu. Amidala kashyyyk palpatine skywalker darth antilles. Hutt solo vader obi-wan qui-gon. Owen amidala han gonk endor. Antilles coruscant tatooine ventress palpatine leia dagobah twi’lek darth. Jango moff dantooine cade.

17)Dungeons & Dragons

This Ipsum generator is meant for fans of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) playing game.dungeons and dragons

#Sample text

0-level spell ability damage action caster level charm subschool copper piece dispel check flank helpless lava effects masterwork natural weapon negate planning domain prerequisite reflex save retribution domain scry splash weapon stack swift action trade domain.

18)Hipster Ipsum

Use Hipster Ipsum to generate some awkwardly different text for your mockup projects.hipster

#Sample text

Green juice enamel pin aesthetic keffiyeh meh, migas kinfolk adaptogen keytar four loko. Vape sriracha blog vexillologist, fanny pack freegan portland. Green juice snackwave fingerstache, godard cold-pressed typewriter put a bird on it whatever try-hard. Brunch swag listicle street art biodiesel ethical.


After getting bored and tired from classic Lorem, you can use creative and kinda funny Lorem Ipsum generators. You can choose any one according to need and taste. Want to share your experience or ask a question? Leave a comment below.

Happy Ipsuming!

(I also don’t know what does it mean! 😛 )


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