9 Best Reverse Engineering books that you must Surely read in 2019


Looking for Reverse engineering books & want to take your reverse engineering skills to the next level? If your answer is Yes! then this post is for you. Reverse engineering requires proper education and guidance. But most importantly EXECUTING what have you learned! Reverse engineering skills involve various domains like analyzing binary, network packets, having in-depth knowledge of Assembly language on 32-bit and 64-bit processors. Here’s a list of hand-picked books for reverse engineering which thoroughly covers above mentioned domains to give you proper knowledge.

1)Secrets of Reverse Engineering

This is one of the best books for learning reverse engineering on the Windows platform. The author covers topics like Basic Reverse engineering for beginners, Windows Internals, Assembly Reversing, C++ reversing and also include chapters dedicated to .NET reversing. So overall this book is excellent if you want to do the majority of your stuff on Windows and to get in-depth knowledge of various reversing tools like IDA, ILDasm, Ollydbg etc. You can check this book on Amazon by clicking here.

2)Learning Malware Analysis: Explore the concepts, tools, and techniques to analyze and investigate Windows malware

This is an excellent book for those who want to be in the forensics field. It is really an exceptional book for beginners who want to excel at various malware analysis skills. This book contains chapters on Assembly and use of various tools like IDA Pro. You can check its price on Amazon.

3)The IDA Pro Book: The Unofficial Guide to the World’s Most Popular Disassembler

As the name suggests, this is a book meant for one of the most used reverse engineering tool i.e IDA(Interactive Disassembler) by Hexrays. It is meant for the novice as well as professionals. This book contains primer on Reverse engineering and covers usage of IDA in great depth along with screenshots. You can check this book on Amazon by clicking here.

4)Reverse Engineering for Beginners

It is one most famous book for Reverse Engineering. Just one sentence for this book- “Classic knowledge despite being FREE of cost”. This same book is also known by the title “Understanding Assembly language” which can be downloaded from its official site by filling a short form here.

5)Practical Malware Analysis: The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software

One of the best book for beginners to learn Malware Analysis. This book contains separate chapters on Basic Analysis(for beginners) and Advanced Analysis(for professionals). But make sure you have basic knowledge of C, Assembly language already as this book does not spend the time to teach assembly language. Book also includes topics like Shell coding, Anti Reversing techniques, 64-bit analysis. Overall excellent book and a must if you want to dive deep into Malware Analysis and/or Reverse Engineering. You can check this book on Amazon here.

6)Low-Level Programming: C, Assembly, and Program Execution on Intel® 64 Architecture

Today more than 95% of Desktop PCs are using 64-bit Operating System. This book covers Intel 64 assembly language and architecture. It also teaches C and assembly language. Check this out on Amazon by clicking here.

7)The Art of Assembly Language

Assembly language is one of the most important languages that you must know for reversing the binaries. This book contains topics on LLA(Low-Level Assembly) as well as HLA(High-Level Assembly). This book is not meant for complete beginners.

8)Gray Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers

Python is one of the favorite programming languages to exploit writing for hackers. It is due to the fact that Python is an open-source programming language as well as very versatile with a very short learning curve. Topics like using PyDbg, Windbg and Immunity Debugger are also covered. Overall its a great book but upon practicing some exercises, you might encounter some errors which can be resolved here. You can check its price on Amazon by clicking here.

9)Wireshark for Security Professionals: Using Wireshark and the Metasploit Framework

Network packet analysis is one of the fundamental tasks in Malware Analysis. Wireshark is one best tool to do packet sniffing and analysis moreover, it is free of cost. This book covers the basic of Wireshark, creating a virtual testing environment, exploring Kali Linux, etc. Hence it is a perfect book for security professionals to do packet analysis. You can check this on Amazon by clicking here.

Final Verdict

The above-mentioned books cover most of the skills that are required for becoming a Reverse engineer. You can choose any book which suits your requirement. And remember the most important thing in reversing is EXECUTING what have you learned. Only memorizing things wouldn’t work in this field 😉 Want to share your experience or ask a question? Leave a comment below.

Keep learning!


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