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With cyber attack at its peak, nowadays it becomes more important than ever to take care of your privacy & security. Cyber attacks like crypto jacking, spying & phishing are common these days. This is where Network Monitoring & Firewall can play a significant role in securing your device. In this post, I will discuss a similar software called GlassWire which can help you to secure your device & your network. Let’s get started!

What is a Firewall?

In the world of computing, a Firewall is a network security system controls the network connections by monitoring them. Firewall can be classified broadly into 2 types: Software Firewall and Hardware-based Firewall. For the sake of simplicity & for normal users, Software Firewalls are more than enough to track & control their network connection. A Firewall has a certain set of rules which decides whether to allow or disallow the certain type of traffic. Thus making the PC more secure.

Difference between a Firewall and an Anti-Virus? Which one is better?

As explained above a Firewall is a software which controls the network connections by acting as a wall between apps and the internet. On the other hand, an Anti-Virus is a software which protects its users by detecting & removing malware, virus, keyloggers, worms, etc. Now many people have this question: “Which one is better? AntiVirus or Firewall?” From the security point of view, Both are important & are meant for different purposes. So, a device should have both of the programs to have better security.

What is GlassWire?

In a nutshell, Glasswire is a network monitoring software & a Firewall developed by SecureMix, LLC. It not just a regular firewall, its beautiful design & powerful features separate it from the rest of the competition in the market. You need not necessarily be a Computer geek to protect your device from these attacks, this is where Glasswire comes handy. It has the option of “Ask to Connect” which dramatically reduces the chances of crypto mining & applications spying on your device. Thus maintaining your privacy & security.



Glasswire Firewall comes with many handy features. Let’s discuss some of them in detail:

  • Very Beautiful & Classy User Interface
    • Apart from the light theme, as shown above, it also has the Dark Neon theme:neon_theme
  • Ask to connect
    • The option of “Ask to Connect” significantly reduces the chances of spying & crypto mining, on your device.firewall_settings
  • Visual Network MonitoringGlasswire
  • Mini Graph
    • It also shows a mini-graph, which shows the uploading and downloading speed.local_speed_monitor
  • Bandwidth Usage Monitorusage
  • Application Monitor
  • Shows Who’s on your Wifithings
  • Protection from Evil Twin attack
  • Notification for First Network Activitynotification
  • Supports Virus Total File Scanningvirustotal
  • Multi-Language Support
    • Not a native English speaker? No problem! Glasswire supports English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese, etc.
  • Community Forum & Support

For whom GlassWire is meant for?

GlassWire is meant for all those people who want to monitor their network activity and want to control ingoing and outgoing connections. Apart from network monitoring Glasswire also has a stylish built-in Firewall. So, this feature is meant for those who want to block unwanted apps to gain access to the internet. It also has the option of “Ask to Connect” which dramatically reduces the chances of crypto mining, applications spying on your device. In a nutshell, it is meant for protecting your device from these attacks & keeping control of your privacy.

Pros and Cons


  • Very Beautiful and Professional UI design.
  • Beautiful yet powerful Firewall.
  • Ability to show Mini monitor.
  • Can show complete network history.
  • Ask to connect feature.
  • Multi-language Support.
  • It also has community forum support.


  • A bit expensive subscription.
    • But wait, you can get a FLAT 25% discount by clicking here and then placing the cursor out of the website or you can buy on Steam at a VERY discounted price 😉 .
  • Currently, only Windows and Android OS are supported.
    • There’s a piece of good news that Glasswire Firewall for Mac is coming soon(expected in Summer 2019).
  • Sometimes Glasswire Firewall may also slow down the computer.
  • An Anti-Virus in complement is a must for solid protection.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the software
  • Install the setup.
  • In order to use the security features, you need to purchase the license.
    • Glasswire has 3 types of Licenses: Basic, Pro & Elite. In the basic version, you can activate only 1 PC, in Pro 3 PCs are allowed, while in Elite 10 PCs are allowed.
  • If you ever need to change the PC, you can easily migrate the License by 1st deactivating the license on 1st PC & then activating on the desired PC.

If you have any problem regarding the software, you can contact support or can visit their official forum.


In today’s digital era, with cybercrime at its peak. We need to take control of our own privacy & security. One of such tools which makes the concept of Network Security possible for non-tech people & beautiful at the same time is Glasswire. Want to share your experience or ask a question? Leave a comment below.

Have a nice day!

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