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Your opinion DOES matter! What if I tell you- you can make FREE money just by giving your opinions. There are many other apps and services which might not give you anything even after completing a survey for several minutes 🙁 I know that’s very frustrating, I have also experienced those incidents. But now here’s the alternative especially by Google Survey Team. Most exciting thing is that there is NO MINIMUM PAYOUT!! Also, nowadays many people are complaining that Google Opinion Rewards is not working properly i.e they are getting no more surveys. So, just hang on & see how to fix these issues.

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

As the name suggests Google Opinion Rewards is a reward program by Google Survey team. In this, you will be rewarded with money every time after you complete a survey.

You can download Google Opinion Rewards from here-:


How much can I earn with Google Rewards?

That’s a nice question! Theoretically speaking – UNLIMITED. But hey, Wait a minute! That’s not practically possible. Why? Because it depends upon Google rewards app to when and how frequently it wants to give you surveys. The choice is not yours i.e you cannot take the survey when you feel like it. Typically reward will vary from survey to survey and generally, it is from $0.1 to $0.6 which depends upon quality and length of the survey.

Is Google Opinion Rewards 100% legit?

This app for Android and iOS is made by Google. So, Yes it is 100% legit and will be paid every time whenever you will complete a short survey given by the app. Moreover, it itself notifies whenever a survey is available for you.

What are Google Play Credits? Is it Real Money?

Google Play Credits are credits on Google Play which you can use to buy apps, games, movies, books and can do in-app purchases. These credits can’t be shared or transferred from one account to another. As you cannot purchase something outside the Google Play app with these credits, hence Google Play is Not the real money but it acts like the real money in the Google Play store.

What can I do with Google Play Credits?

With sufficient credits, you can buy various apps to make your life easier, watch movies on rent or play ad-free games or now you can even listen to Google Play Music. Also, there are some very little variations regarding the usage of Google Play balance. For very specific details regarding options available in your country- you can visit

Good news for iOS users – You will get REAL Money

Sorry Android users this option is only for iOS users i.e they have the option to get real money (as what will iOS users do with Play credits 😀 ). Users can withdraw money to their Paypal account after reaching the threshold of $1 only. Isn’t it amazing that users can get real money just by filling quick surveys of barely one minute? Of course, it is.

Solution to Google Opinion Rewards not available in my country

Currently, this app is not available in all countries. Google has clearly mentioned that to be eligible for this app you need to be at least 18 years old and your country of residence should be -:

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Brazil
  4. Canada
  5. Denmark
  6. France
  7. Germany
  8. India
  9. Italy
  10. Japan
  11. Mexico
  12. Netherlands
  13. Norway
  14. Singapore
  15. Spain
  16. Sweden
  17. Switzerland
  18. Turkey
  19. United Kingdom
  20. United States

Don’t worry if you are not the citizens of one of the above countries. You can use a VPN to get an IP address of one of the above-mentioned countries. Along with it, you can use an app called FAKE GPS to change your GPS coordinates. That’s all! You are now all set to earn some bucks in your free time.

How to get more surveys on Google opinion rewards?

Fill your details correctly

Be honest with Google and fill your location correctly as Google tracks your location. And checks if you have entered your details correctly or not. They give surveys accordingly. I have personally experienced it, where I filled the wrong details to earn more and end up getting no surveys at ALL. See the steps below how I fixed the issue of Google rewards No surveys.

Open the app at least once a day

It has been observed that opening the app at least a once increases your chance of getting surveys frequently. And there no harm in opening the app once a day, to increase the chances.


By turning ON the GPS you boost your chances of getting more frequent surveys because it enables the app to ask surveys regarding new places you visit. So, just by simply turning ON the GPS while you move out, you will have better chances of getting more survey so, earning more. Isn’t that simple 😉 .

Your place of residence matters

If your place of residence located at/near urban area then you have betting chances of getting surveys frequently than people living in rural areas.

Your Gender does matter

Here, in this case, your Gender does matter. Female tend to get more surveys than man. So fill the gender as female to get even more surveys.

Be Patient

While filling the survey, be patient. Don’t rush the survey as Google sees it in a negative way. It assumes that you haven’t read the question properly and just to earn bucks you quickly fill out the survey. If you continually repeat this then Google will give no surveys in the future. So fill the survey little slowly.

Reasons for Google Opinion rewards no surveys

There could be many reasons because of which app has stopped giving you surveys. Below are some of the reasons why you stopped getting any surveys:

  • Fake information

Google stops giving the surveys if it finds out that you have filled fake details about your current location. People often deliberately fill wrong address location of urban areas or Smart cities to get more surveys. Google is no fool when it finds out then it stops giving any surveys.

  • Filling Surveys too fast

It is a quit observable fact that when you are reading something with full attention you tend to read at a normal pace. So, filling out surveys too quickly gives a negative impression about you that you didn’t read the question properly instead just mark the answer to get rewarded.

  • Not sharing location with the app

One of the reasons for not getting surveys is not allowing the app to access your location. If the app does not know your location how can surveys related to your location? So allow the app to know your location.

  • Use of proxies to get surveys

Many people try to game the Google rewards app by using proxies or VPN. When Google finds out that person is cheating, it stops giving surveys hence no rewards. So don’t use proxies.

Solution to Google rewards No surveys

  • Take care of the above-mentioned reasons and don’t violate them.
  • If nothing works out you can safely uninstall and reinstall Google Rewards app without affecting your current balance. 100% Tested by me. Your previous earnings will not be affected.

Similar apps and services like Google Rewards


Prizerebel is a reward platform where you can earn money by doing surveys, watching videos and doing some really simple tasks. It is 100% genuine and tested by me. Its minimum payout is just $5 after reaching Silver level. You can join Prizerebel by clicking here.


This is an app which lets you earn money by installing other apps, watching videos, daily check-in. This app will reward you even for signing up and confirming your email. Minimum payout is $5 which you can payout by various methods like Paypal, Amazon Gift Card, Starbucks coupon and various others. On play store, it has more than 5 Milllion+ downloads and a 4.7-star rating. So this is a 100% genuine app which pays you. You can install Appkarma by clicking here. After installing the app you can use referral code e4h123 so that we both can earn 300 reward points.


Finally, using Google Opinion Rewards you can kill some time by earning some money. Of course, you cannot make millions out of it but something is better than nothing. One thing you can be assured of is that this app always pays you every time you complete a survey and surveys are barely 1-2 minutes long. No fraud! Also earning per survey is not that bad. By using this you can earn some pocket money 😉 .

Keep learning and earning!


Hi, this is error4hack, a computer geek who loves to learn new things(mostly by trial & error method) & then loves to share that knowledge with others. He also likes to listen to music in his free time. He strongly believes in KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. Youtube channel-:

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