How to decompile & edit EXE files? Tutorial for beginners

Edit & decompile exe files

This post explains how to decompile and edit exe files. So, without any further ado let’s first understand what is an exe file.

What is an exe file?

Exe files stands for Executable file & .exe is an extension of the executable files in the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Difference between decompiling, disassembling & debugging a file

  • Disassemblers:

    • Disassemblers are the complete opposite of Assemblers i.e they let you reverse binaries into assembly code. For eg: W32DASM
  • Decompilers:

    • Decompilers let you reverse binaries into higher-level languages like C, C++, Visual Basic. For eg: VB Decompiler
  • Debuggers:

    • They let you view & change the state of the program while it is running. For eg: Ollydbg, Windbg


Tools needed to edit the exe file

  • RDG Packer Detector (Download here)
  • Ollydbg or x64dbg
  • Various plugins to reduce the complexity.

For more reverse engineering tools, you can read 12 Best Reverse Engineering Tools.

How to edit the exe file?

The process of analyzing, editing or modifying files is known as Reverse engineering. Please remember that it is not always possible to decompile the exe file but using tools like ollydbg or x64dbg you can decompile the file. Tutorial on how to edit exe file using ollydbg is shown below:

You can read the more in-depth article about Reverse Engineering by clicking here.


I hope you learned how to edit the executable files in this article. Want to share your experience or ask a question? Leave a comment below.

Have a nice day!

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